Residential Architecture for Living Life to its Fullest

Your home should be your favorite place to spend your time. It should feel distinctly yours, with a story all its own. As you live, play, and build your life within its walls your home should feel as though it was built to help you live your best life. 

GCA has a passion for doing residential architecture right

As one of Milwaukee’s leading residential architecture firms, Galbraith Carnahan Architects builds precisely the space for living life to the fullest. Drawing clues from the environment, materials, and our clients, we craft gorgeous homes, additions, and multi-family buildings that are timeless and practical.

Types of Residential We Specialize In


Make the most of your space with an addition that makes your home feel like it was always meant to.

New Construction

Experience life in a home that looks and feels like every detail was customized for you and you alone (because it was).

Multi-family Homes

Create a stunning multi-family home or condo building that doesn’t look exactly like the one across the street. Or the one down the street. Or the one…well you get the idea.

Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse

Reimagine a historic building as your new one-of-a-kind single or multi-family residence. Our passion for saving historic buildings and careful approach to their renovation could be the right path to your stunning new home.

How We Work

We approach each residential design project with curiosity and an open mind. We seek to uncover the distinct patterns of human activity behind each home — how people use the space, move in it, interact with it, and what they need from the space.

By looking at the larger design through these smaller lenses, we solve the puzzle piece by piece and ensure the overall design is cohesive, thoughtful, and right for the space. Our collaboration with you means the project is truly unique and precisely tuned to your needs.

Once the design is complete, we remain involved throughout construction as your advocate. We work to bridge any gaps between drawings and reality because we believe a consistent presence from your residential architecture team is vital for the success of the project.

Let's Talk About Your Residential Project.

    Our work is all about relationships, and like any relationship, we want to make sure everyone is comfortable and aware of what it takes to have the best experience possible. We work best with clients who are interested in working with architects that bring a creative and uncommon touch to the design of your home project. Please be aware that our thorough design process can take between 3-12 months depending on your project’s scope. Each project and its budget is distinct, but clients can generally expect costs to start at approximately $300 – $400 per square foot.

    Let's Talk About Your Project.

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      The buildings where we work, play, and gather should feel like distinct places with stories all their own.
      We specialize in creating offices, restaurants, and community event spaces people
      want to return to again and again.