Commercial Architecture that Makes Business a Pleasure

The buildings where we work play and gather should feel like distinct places with stories all their own. We should enjoy the time we spend in them and they should beckon us back time and again.


 As one of Milwaukee’s leading commercial architecture firms, Galbraith Carnahan Architects builds precisely these kinds of spaces. Drawing clues from the environment, materials, and our clients we craft businesses, restaurants, community gathering places, offices, and other buildings that are timeless in practical.

Explore Our Projects

Banks & Financial Institutions

Modern, welcoming, open, and unintimidating. Build a financial institution clients new and old will enjoy visiting.


Create a space your customers want to spend time in, return to – and tell their friends about.

Corporate Offices

Encourage creative thinking, team collaboration and a culture people want to be a part of.

Event & Community Spaces

Welcome the community to a gathering space unlike any other, where creativity blooms and ideas take flight.

Other Welcoming Places

Build a nature center, public parks facility, recreation project, or commercial space unlike any other.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Strike a balance between form and function to create an atmosphere employees and patrons will love.

How We Work

We approach each business design project with curiosity. We seek to uncover the distinct patterns of human activity behind each building – how people use the space, move in it, interact with it, and what they need from the space.

By looking at the larger design through these small lenses, we solve the puzzle piece by piece and ensure the overall design is cohesive, thoughtful, and right for the space. Our collaboration with you means the project is truly unique and precisely tuned to your needs.

Once the design is complete, we remain involved throughout construction as your advocate. We work to bridge any gaps between drawings and reality because we believe a consistent presence from your business architecture team is vital for the success of the project.

Let's Talk About Your Project.

    Let's Talk About Your Project.

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      We put the same thought and care into building unique, beautiful passive homes and traditional homes, remodels, and additions as we do commercial architecture spaces.