Sustainable Architecture

“What we leave for those that come behind will speak volumes about who we were.”

Consider the tree clinging to a rocky outcropping. That tree exists because of a perfect combination of soil and water. Its shape is formed by the prevailing winds. The direction of its growth is guided by the angle of the sun as it falls in that particular place. The meager nutrients available are efficiently allocated in the extension of its branches. Its presence is a precise reflection of the exclusive conditions that created it. A truly sustainable building should achieve no less.

A significant part of our integrity-based approach to design focuses on the stewardship and responsibility we have towards future generations and the environment. This is one of the driving motivators behind our interest in sustainability. What we leave for those that come behind will speak volumes about who we were. Careful resource management of existing structures, raw materials, project sites, and energy will be appreciated long after we are gone. We see our role in building and construction as one of responsible steward rather than a mere consumer of built space.

Our inclusion of sustainability in a project starts at the very inception. Analyzing each site for its unique solar, wind, and other natural characteristics establish the opportunities that can be leveraged in the design of the building. We target solutions early on that are inexpensive, yet yield great impact from an environmental standpoint. Proper siting, appropriate building orientation, and logical, simple forms help to conserve land, energy, and materials.

Highlighted Sustainable Projects