Financial Institution Design for Modern Clients

Work with Galbraith Carnahan Architects, one of Wisconsin’s premier commercial architects, to make your bank or credit union location a welcoming place for clients and employees.

    Building Trust in Financial Institutions from the Ground Up

    Galbraith Carnahan Architects (GCA) knows that successful modern financial institutions are built on trust.   When your aim is welcoming new clients and retaining the ones you have, imposing or intimidating architecture doesn’t send the right message.


    We take special care to work with our clients to understand their vision for the space – how it should feel to people walking in whether it’s their first visit or fiftieth.

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    Bank & Credit Union Architecture that's Welcoming & Professional

    Whether it’s completely new construction or a remodel of an existing location, our experienced team of designers and architects create bank branches, credit union locations, and offices for financial institutions that maintain the organization’s brand while offering a fresh experience for its visitors.

    We also know that designing buildings for the financial services industry means creating spaces that make working in them efficient, safe, and comfortable.

    Our Specialties

    We love designing places that bring people together to have a positive and memorable experience.  We have a particular passion for historic preservation and bringing new life to old spaces.  GCA is also committed to sustainable architecture, choosing to use reclaimed or recycled materials whenever possible.

    Our Services


    Construction Documents

    Specification Writing

    ADA Studies/Compliance

    Interior Design

    Tenant Improvements

    3-D Modeling

    Presentation graphics / renderings

    Cost estimation


    Pre-Design and Programming

    Site Analysis

    Space Planning

    Facilities Planning

    Project Budget and Scheduling

    Master Planning Feasibility Studies

    Workplace / Operation analysis

    Community Planning / Zoning


    Contractor Selection

    Bidding/Negotiation Assistance

    Shop Drawing Review

    Construction Observation


    Restoration Design

    Rehabilitation Design

    Preservation Design

    As Built Documentation

    Stabilization Plans

    Historic Research & Documentation.

    Historic Tax Credit Applications

    Historic American Building Surveys

    Preservation Planning


    LEED Certification

    Green / Sustainable Design

    Passive House Design

    Who We Are

    Galbraith Carnahan Architects (GCA) is a team of creatives who approach architecture as an opportunity to construct something more than a building.  We see each project as a chance to create an experience that’s only possible in that space.